The greatest ASSHOLE of all

Today, I had a meeting with our Senior Manager of HR or what secara korporatnya our COO.
The meeting was supposed to be attended by my immediate supervisor, but since she can't make it, so I took this great chance to throw as many questions as I can.
Slot lepas geram katanya.

At first, I thot I can blast him with banyak questions after his speech, but since aku duduk dengan bunch of people yang kuat mengipas bontot bos, it looks like aku la yang jahat dalam kompeni, manjang je aku bagi soalan memprotes. Yang the rest show pure naive look.
Jadi aku terpaksa kurangkan soalan protes aku.
Yang senyap sepi kiri kanan aku ni tak taulah kenapa, padahal kat luar bukan main mengutuk lagi.
Dah masuk dalam semua "Yes, Sir!"

Kau ingat aku suka-suka protes?
Hello? I griped for your own good okeh sebab new regulations are simply intolerable.
Brutal dictatorship!

So, starting next week we are going to practice odd working hours, start at 8.30am, finish at 6.15pm. 6.15pm okeh, what the hell this 15 minutes can do?
Adekah masa utk mengepack laptop?
Masa utk basuh mug?
Masa utk panaskan touch up muka?
Even at 5.30pm pun orang dah terbayang-bayang balik rumah.
Afterall we are doing business with government agencies (mostly).
Orang gomen pukul 5pm dah balik la, kau nak aku bersidai sampai 6.15pm ni kejadah apa?

When I ask the COO, why can't we just kick off our day at 8am instead of dragging the working hours up until 6.15pm, dia cakap "For start and end time, the logic is for all employees; my challenge would be on punctuality at 8.30am, are we punctual now? I believe most of the staffs are late at the moment".

Paler hangguk kau!
Kau la yang tak punctual.
Kol 8.30am, parking lot ko kosong lagi, padahal kau tak buat sale.
Budak-budak yang "tak punctual" tu bukan sengaja masuk lambat, cibai.
Dorang straight jumpa customer from home nak put money on the table so kau can berjoli, bodoh.

Another issue is, all staff are entitled for 3 days compassionate leave if your spouse/children pass away.
But, if your spouse were to die on Friday, the next day (Sat & Sunday) dikira.
Silalah datang bekerja semula pada hari Isnin.

You want to take annual leave?
That is it is subject to necessity.
If by the end of the month company need to close more sales, all leave will be freezed.
Regardless mak bapak mati.

Padahal dulu syaratnya bukan begini.
Syaratnya adalah working days.
Sabtu and Ahad bukan working days.
Entah apa alasannya dia tukar rules.
Oh maybe tak kena kat batang hidung sendiri.
Tunggu besok mak kau mati hari Jumaat, aku nak tengok batang hidung kau muncul tak Isnin depan.
Jangan pulak masa tu kau cakap "Oh, our culture must wait until 2 weeks then can resume work".


Ada la...maybe 2 out of 10.

I sometimes wonder, what make me stay this long in this terrible company.
Fair benefits and pay are the cornerstone of a successful company but if you don't provide a reasonable living wage for your employees, please don't talk about motivational issues.
Gampang lah okeh? Geli aku dengar.

Padahal without fair living wage, you risk losing your best people to a better-paying employer.
And that's what I already have in mind now.
Di waktu itu nanti, akan aku nyanyi 'Selamat Jalan Romeo' depan kau.
Seriously, underplay the importance of money and benefits to people who work is a mistake. HUGE!!

Katanya a lot more 'nice' new rules coming up, the blue print will only be distributed among us next week. Till then, tunggu..aku akan kembali dengan carutan-carutan terkini.