Zana, my best friend of many years is finally married

I know you could find someone better, but don't look for him. The day he found you will be the end of the line for you.

Zana and I met when we started work at Ministry of Science (MOSTI), formerly known as MOSTE, back in year 2000. There were 5 of us actually, but Zana was the one who did the break thorugh. Nampak je diam and ayu...ko tunggu je la kalau dia dah start gelak. I still remember that day, I was accompanied by my dad to work for I've never been to KL alone (dok Bangi je tapi tak penah gi KL sensorang..POYO kan?). And Zana was accompanied by her kid bro, Pet I think. I don't really remember how we started but we became good friends at instant. Very gud frens. She can describe me from head to toe about my problems, my conditions and the things I'm going through or was going through. She even knows my character, my mood etc. without me telling her a single thing! She knows me in and out. We always have good, I mean 'nice' stories to share everyday. We went to office together, had bfast and lunch together, pray together, tidur berjemaah dalam store hari Jumaat, lepakking at our fav hangout, Four Leaves SOGO. She just got married, after a long years of whining on why she hasn't found her true love yet. Ni dah jumpa, hambik kau. So, Zana, as promised, a dedication entry just for you. Sebagai balasan yang setimpal dengan entry ini, belanja aku kat Dome gak.

p/s : Zana, ingat lagi tak minah yang stare aku lam komuter sampai terlajak kat Tasik Selatan tu? Kawen ke tak ngan brader tu ha? Macam la aku nak sgt ngan brader tu. Tolong la.