What do you think of your own work?

I used to say words like 'that's terrible','this sucks' and 'i want to quit'.
I've been saying those almost everyday, tapi ajaibnya aku dok terpacak kat kompeni ni lagi. Is this normal for anyone else to always put themselves down over their work?

Tiap-tiap hari bangun rasa cam nak benti keje. Asal bangun nak MC. Bangun je pikir nak EL. Ni semua sebab management yang sucks cam babi. Ha, kan aku dah cakap lagi.

But come to think of it, I dun have any problemo with my boss and collegues but management. Memang la sometimes I feel so demotivated. Management tends to berat sebelah, macam syialll. But, do I have to quit? And kalau aku blah, aku bleh ke dapat better offer or at least good pay macam skang?
How about my new boss?
The collegues?
Will the new environment meet my expectations?

Tonite, I've made up my mind.
I've to train myself to stop just saying "This sucks" and to start saying "This sucks, but how can I make it better?" -----> sungguh berwawasan sekali.
If I just go on saying "This sucks" then I'll slowly get discouraged. And I'll get very frustrated just hearing the word "frustrated".
Hmm...ok?? Bolehla kot.

Finally I've found my new year resolutions -----> STOP WHINING. No more 'i'm demotivated', 'nak carik keje lain' and all.

I also just realized that it helps to let another person or two take a look at my different stages of development. Not only could they find problems early, but they can also give me awesome ideas and advice that I might never think of. I need somebody to boost my inner spirits.
Hmm...siapa ye? Do I see volunteers over there?