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Why I love him

"..Before i knew you,
I was nothing.
Now I am everything,
With you at my side.."

I love my husband for many reasons...although he can drive me up a wall sometimes. I love him because :

1. no matter how I look he always tells me I am beautiful (saper la lagi nak puji dowww)

2. he is my best friend, and always has been!

3. he is intelligent. Anything he put's his mind to do, he can do it (jgn buat muka setan bila baca part ni, sebab ni laki aku so aku punya suka nak cakap apa wokeh?)

4. he lets me vent on him which is really important because I need to vent!!

5. he loves me for me and never expects me to change

6. he gave me my son and is committed to keeping our family healthy, loving, and fun

7. he lets me be right all the time, lets me have the final say in everything (queen control kah aku? tak kisah aa..janji ada tittle QUEEN))

8. he really loves my cooking and always shows his appreciation for a good meal or baking

9. he notices that I keep his house clean and makes me feel good about it

10. not to mention his pretty darn hot! HOHOHO

How much he gets on my nerves I will always love him, and I could not imagine my life without him. He kisses me and tells me he loves me every single time he walks out the door. I have an anxiety/stress disorder (not all the time), and I tend to freak out over the smallest things sometimes, and he just tries his best to calm me down (sometimes also..). He is a hard worker, and a wonderful father to our son, and even with his faults ( which I have many too) I would not trade him for the world. He make me laugh when I feel like crying, he hugs me when I need it most and let me cry on his shoulder and he loves me for who I am, and I know that is not easy. I tell you, IT IS NOT EASY. I know he is learning all the time how to be a great husband, that he wants so much to be a great husband and always keep me happy. It doesn't mean we don't argue at times or get angry in certain situations where he doesn't help out (and sometimes I don't). But we never take each other for granted.

Writing this has made me cry. Sometimes I stop and think how lucky I am.

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