What kind of underwear do u wear?

Today I'm not feeling quite right, makan banyak sangat agaknya semalam. So while wearing my panties after bathing 15 minutes ago, I suddenly thought why do I always love to buy colorful, retro-colored panties? Does the choice of pattern and color reveal my personality? If yes, then what is my personality? So, I was wondering as I searched my own panties, what is the personality of a person wearing certain underwear. While reading the list below, you can check what underwear you are wearing right now. Just check, but don't check it too long nanti orang kata kau kira bulu.


a. High-cut briefs

Or it's other name, "grandma's underwear". It is also a type of underwear that after going through the evolution process, is widely known as BOXER. Whoever wears these underwear is the one who values ​​perfection, comfort and practicality. They don't care about style, asal pakai sudah. They say they don't dress to impress. Don't be fooled by the glamorous and pretty awek-awek di luar sana because trust me, every woman will definitely have this kind of underwear even a piece. Toksah la kata tak pernah ada. Aku ada gak buat pakai masa mengandung dulu. Tapi tak pakai selalu, tak bernapas pusat aku.

b. Boy shorts or thong

Women who wear these underwear are confident and love the challenge. The challenge here is that they have high physical endurance because these underwear are also very painful when worn for long periods of time. Seperti menghiris celahan bontot ok? Those who wear these kind of underwear often intentionally expose kelibat seluar dalam while wearing low cut jeans. Sambil duduk sambil menampakkan alur pantat masing-masing. Tapi tak apa, mungkin juga bontot mereka seksi tak seperti bontot aku yang leper that's why dia suka tunjuk. But, it's really challenging to put on these underwear. I've been wearing it for about half a day only, itu pun dah jalan mengengkang. Tu belum lagi kejap-kejap dia terselit celah bontot. Naik darah aku pakai seluar ni.

c. The need to match

There are also women who like to wear bra with the same color as the panties. They belong to the fashion-conscious and self-indulgent group. They are the type that like to stand in front of the mirror while looking at their own tits and boobs berlama-lama. Maybe obses dengan bra and panty yang sedondon itu. Sometimes I wonder why you need to buy bra and panties of the same color and design? Do you want to wear bra and panties outside of clothes? Tapi takpelah, own satisfaction hagaknya.


a. Boxers

Boxers are one of the most comfortable underwear in the world, just like granny panties. Guys wearing boxers are a simple and laidback guy. They also don't care if the underwear they wear is less 'grip'. But I wonder if there's no impact dari penggunaan seluar dalam ini dalam tempoh yang lama untuk jangka masa panjang? Ada kemungkinan pada usia anda 40 tahun nanti, belum pun bontot anda cecah ke kerusi, telur anda sudah mencecah lantai dulu.

b. Briefs 

Also known as tightie-whities. Sold in bright colors like navy blue and yellow. Hijau pucuk pisang pun ada. Merah saga is the best. Those who wear this type of underwear are a little "little brother". Cute and playful with colors. Because they are little brothers, they need the maximum 'protection'. I don't really like men wearing these kind of underwear. Sebab itu saya benci Superman walaupun saya suka kaler merah.

c. Boxer-briefs

Two worlds pants. Seluar 2 alam. Men who wear this kind of underwear are smart in their relationships, they know how to compromise since they've done it with their underwear! It's hard to tell bagaimana perangai mereka yang sebenar. There may also be a split personality. If you are suspicious of men like this you can ask them to show off their underwear first, just to be sure. Masa dia tunjuk tu, you can estimate anything that is necessary to ensure your future well-being.

d. Thong

Men wearing thongs can be considered exhibitionists. Suka menayang spender. To them, I'd like to say, if you want to tayang spender, make sure bulu jangan tersentl-sentil, ok?

e. No underwear

This kind of guy might forget to do laundry or the kind of guy who loves nature, embraces the natural way of life. A humble and timid person. He is so shy to buy his own underwear, tu pasal tak pakai lansung.