School Holiday Program

From: Nadiah Kamarozaman (nadiahkamarozaman@yahoo.com)
To: aveo757@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 11:59 AM
Subject: School Holiday Program
Salam Kak Di,

Nak minta tolong publish kan School Holiday Program organized by MAS Academy. For children age 13-19 years old.

Ada 4 programs:

1. "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"
Objective: To build self confidence through image projection and create a lasting impression
Special highlight: Skin Food will come and do a demo on skin care and make up. Each participant will get a goody bag from Skin Food!
Date: 30 Oct-1 November 2011
Price: RM199

2. Read with Speed
Objective: The speed helps improve concentration and comprehension and in this course, you will be able to read faster, understand better what you have read, remember more on your revision, assist in your revision, you can write better, save time and have more time for other activities, and get better exam grades
Date: 20 - 21 December 2011
Price: RM399 (Public price: RM450)

3. Click! Click! Click! (Photography)
Objective: To learn basic photography techniques and to polish children’s talent in photography
Date: 5 December 2011 & 22 December 2011
Price: RM199

4. FLY program (school holiday camp, teambuilding, communication, motivation)
Objective: To develop personal growth and effectiveness in self-confidence, communication, and cohesive teamwork skills in a fun and challenging learning environment.
Details: 2 days and 1 night program, accommodation is provided (MAS Academy Hotel)
Date: 13-14 December 2011
Price: RM280


Registration and payment made for more than one child by 25 November 2011 boleh dapat 10-20% discount. Fee includes: Handout, meals, and certificate!

All programs will be conducted at MAS Academy, Kelana Jaya.

Form and program details are as attached.

Thank you so much!