Mintak perhatian

From: nique naque
To: "nurhafiza.burhanuddin@gmail.com" ; "aveo757@yahoo.com" ; "viruspadu@yahoo.com" ; "lilred.farah@gmail.com" ; "ceeramoon@gmail.com"
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 12:00 AM
Subject: sangat2 memerlukan pertolongan


Dear bloggers, ive your silent reader to all of you for years now and admittedly sangat jarang bagi comment (my bad, sorry!) but my blog is niquenaque.blogspot.com and if you have seen it before you know i've linked to all of you..

anyway, i've never done anything like this before, ni first time, tapi desperate times calls for desperate measures and i really really need your help!

someone very very close to me "kehilangan" his brother yesterday...
attached is the details...

yes, he is an adult, so you might wonder why we are so desperate, its actually because he is not really well, so we are worried sick something bad happened to him. minta tolong sangat2 if you could post this on your blog and ask if anyone have seen him to please call or sms me;

nik - 014 924 7795

if you cant, its ok, but really appreciate if you could.
thanks sangat sangat!

thanks again,