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Talk, talk, talk and get to shop, shop, shop!
Advertorial. Please scroll down for latest updates.

Suka shopping kan?

Shopping FREE lagi suka kan?

Ni meh sini aku nak bagi lubang-lubang shopping secara FREE kat korang.
Caranya sangat mudah.
Dia menggunakan kaedah lebih banyak call, lebih besar chances untuk menang.

Hadiah bukan calang-calang beb. Orang lain semua sengkek lepas raya, kau selamba je catwalk dengan shopping bag kiri kanan. Taknak?
Bukan sikit-sikit ye.
RM5000 shopping vouchers untuk di-grab!!

Macamana nak join TALK-A-THON?

a. Xpax, U.O.X., S.O.X members :

- buat additional 3 panggilan above average daily call yang kau buat in July 2011.
- kalau tak pasti berapa average daily call kau in July 2001, please call *118# untuk dapatkan maklumat.
- sebagai contoh : Kalau average daily call bulan July lepas adelah 5 panggilan, kau kena buat another 3 call lebih dari total average call tu (5 + 3) dalam sehari untuk membolehkan korang layak mendapat daily reward. DAILY REWARD! Maksudnya, ko kena buat at least 8 call setiap hari.

b. Kalau anda adelah pengguna baru Xpax, U.O.X., S.O.X :

- cuma activate-kan prepaid pack anda dan buat at least 3 calls dalam satu hari.

c. Kalau anda Celcom Broadband dan Instanet User :

Celcom Broadband
Just buat slaah satu :
- Purchase additional data volume (1GB@RM15, 5GB@RM50)
- Hantarkan 20 SMS (15 sen/SMS) sehari dengan menggunakan broadband anda.
- Upgrade pakej anda (eg. Celcom Broadband Lite to Basic, Basic to Advance, Advance to Pro)

Langgan any of Instanet Harian (RM5), Instanet Mingguan (RM18) atau Instanet Bulanan (RM50). You decide.

Voucher yang korang dapat tu boleh digunakan kat sini :

Peninsular Malaysia
Parkson, Giant, Cold Storage,Guardian, Mercato, Econsave, IKEA, Celcom Blue Cube, i-Study (Apple authorized reseller – Klang Valley only), Forever  21 (Penang & Klang Valley only), Topshop (Penang & Klang Valley only)

Sabah & Sarawak
Parkson, Giant, Farley, H&L Supermarket

Kalau nak tau lebih lanjut, go here : www.xpax.com.my/talkathon

Terms & Conditions
• All new and existing customers will get to enjoy the rewards if they successfully meet the campaign mechanics.
• For existing customers, their daily average will be calculated over a 30 day usage period benchmarked against the month of July 2011.
• For new customers, they will be tagged at 0 average customers, thus making a minimum of 0 + 3 = 3 calls a day will entitle them an entry into the campaign for each day they maintain the 3 call average.
• Throughout the campaign, the customers daily call average will be maintained and tagged to their July 2011 average usage.
• All customers can only win the daily voucher one time throughout the entire campaign.
• Any customer fulfilling more then on campaign criteria e.g. making additional 3 calls + purchasing data volume or purchasing data volume + upgrading package will still only gain one chance of entry into the winning pool for that given day.
• Winners need to answer correctly 2 simple questions from the Celcom Customer Service before they can be announced as winner.
• Winners can choose which merchant they would like to select and the preferred branch to pick up the vouchers, via phone and USSD within 3 days from the SMS sent.
• Transportation fee is to be borne by winners for voucher collection at branch. Winners need to redeem within 60 days from the date of voucher issued.
• The winner can only select ONE merchant from the list offered by Celcom. Winners are not allowed to change the merchant after co

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