Sorry, I am too busy

I am too busy.
I have a son who still depends on me.
I have a brilliant husband who is too superb at managing things but can't manage to find his own underwear..(sometimes)
I am the second-man of the company, I expect myself to manage and observe people but too bad some of the staffs are still incompetent. So, aku jugaaaaakkkk yg kena buat keje.
I have a maid at home but then again have to do half of the house hold chores for the maid is still new and always come with the phrase 'saya enggak bisa.' (bisa aku lempang kau enggak?)
I am a busy woman but I like it that way.
I prefer having lots to do over having nothing to do.
But God, please never let me be too busy for you.

p/s : sorry guys, aku banyak keje ni.