Working life sucks.

Got a HUGE problem with 'my boss' at work. He is a total wannabe! Wannabe kuasa duploh empat. He just joined in less than 6 months, but already started to implement all those stupid rules. Konon corporate la. Warning letter for minor issues. Apa kejadah ko? Nak mampos? Sometimes, I wonder why bad stuff happens to good people? I am not saying I'm good, but look here. Smart, hard-working souls who try to do a good job often end up getting walked over and beaten down. It happens here. All the good prospect people kejap je keje, pastu benti. Those yang macam sial; nasty, vindictive types often seem to have a fast-track ticket that allows them to rise straight to the top. Office politics! Seblom aku dicop sebagai 'macam sial-type, aku pun nak benti gak.

Si cilaka ni ntah haper kelulusan dia, umur baru 31, dah tukar 4-5 kali tempat keje. And the big boss said he is soooooo capable of doing lots of things. Ye la tu. Kalau capable sangat awat la ko asik lompat keje je? Takde common sense punya big boss. Before he came onto the scene we were a happy little family that got things done. He destroyed all.

To this wannabe, I know it is all about competition. People compete for budgets and opportunities to work on more exciting projects. But you compete only for promotions, recognitions and power. Ko ni memang bukit la. If I could kill him, I'll make him have rat poison in coffee, slow ass death, I would do it cuz he is an asshole.