I was flipping thru my photo albums when I stumbled on this pic of him.

People say that first love's will always be with you. Hmm?
Yes, true that first love is hard to get over. There will always be something that triggers or makes you remember that person. It may be a good time that you remember and it could be something that your current boyfriend does that reminds you of your first love. In my case, at first it was normal to think about my first love, now it's weird if I think about him for even a second because he reminds me of something. Yes, I remember the hell!!

And my dear, stop worrying about stupid politics. It doesn't matter either way. Whoever got voted in would end up misleading the public in one way or another. There is no such thing as TRUST in politics, ok? So just go to bed, don't forget to set your alarm on coz I'm no longer your walking alarm.