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The greatest ASSHOLE of all

Today, I had a meeting with our Senior Manager of HR (secara corporate-nya) or what we regard him - Chief Operation Officer (COO). The meeting was supposed to be attended by my immediate supervisor, KM, but since she can't make it, so I took this great chance to throw as many question (bambuan) as I can. Slot lepas geram (Q & A). At first, I thot I can blast him with question tahap puaka after the speech, but since I sit with a bunch of people yang sungguh la mengipas bontot bos, asik aku je yang attack, it looks like aku la yang jahat dalam kompeni, kaki protes. The rest show pure and naive look. Ape kes??? You think I am so into gila glemer, nak bombard orang suka-suka? Pastu aku pi mana-mana semua kenal aku ek? Hello...I griped for your own good ok? The new regulations are so difficult to bear. Simply intolerable. It was a brutal dictatorship. A ghastly crime!!

So, starting next week we are going to practice odd working hours, start at 8.30am, finish at 6.15pm. What the hell this 15 minits can do???

Adekah masa utk mengepack laptop?
Masa utk basuh mug?
Masa utk panaskan enjin keta so that when the clock strikes 6.15PM, aku boleh terus pecut balik?

When I ask him, why can't we just kick off our day at 8am instead of dragging the working hrs up until 6.15pm (menyampah aku tgk 15 minit ni)? He replied dengan siap ada perkataan 'cheers' kat hujung ayat :

"For start and end time, the logic is for all employees; my challenge would be on punctuality at 8.30am, are we punctual now? I believe most of the staffs are late at the moment. So, forcing to 8.00am is not the solution and we may only want to explore 8.00am in near future, cheers!"

Paler hangguk kau! Kau la yang tak punctual. Kol 8.30am, parking lot ko kosong lagi. Cibai. Apa ko ingat aku takde keje lain nak mengadap muka ko 24/7?

Another issue is, all staff are entitled for 3 days compassionate leave if your spouse/children pass away. But, if your spouse were to die on Friday, the next day (Sat & Sunday) dikira. Silalah datang bekerja semula seperti biasa dengan semangat berkobar-kobar untuk hit sales target dan dedikasi paling maksima pada hari Isnin, ngerti?

Apekah dengan statement di atas, aku layak meneruskan carutan ku? Silakan...


Benefits??? Ada la...maybe 2 out of 10. I sometimes wonder, what make me stay this long in this terrible company. Fair benefits and pay are the cornerstone of a successful company. But if you don't provide a reasonable living wage for your employees, please don't talk about motivational issues la. Macam gampang ok? Aku serius geli!! Without the fair living wage, you risk losing your best people to a better-paying employer. And that's what I already have in mind now. Di waktu itu nanti, akan aku nyanyi 'Selamat Jalan Romeo' depan kau.

Underplay the importance of money and benefits to people who work is a mistake. HUGE!!

A lot more NICE new rules coming up, the blue print will only be distributed among us next week. Till then, tunggu..aku akan kembali dengan carutan-carutan terkini.

posted by Diana Ishak @ 2:02 AM  
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