I am..

I am...


I am currently not at my heaviest weight for I have been in a state of big blob so much when I was 18-19 yrs old. And I mean VERY fat! Someone said that I am voluptious, but to me that was just another way of saying "you look a bit plump", in a nice way. I wear S size, but that does not mean I'm fit. I do have flabs here and there. But like my other half said "What do you expect? You are a mother". Aku ni dah macam dipam-pam tapi dia still masih in his teruna weight. Of course lah I expect to get my anak dara weight too. My goal is to be the same girl I was before, I mean the time when I was so slender. I know some say no matter your size, personality counts! Ya aku tau lah tu, tapi kalau nak badan Miss World pun tak salah kan.


I am so worry about someone or should I say some pig headed person staring at me. The thing is why must you look at someone in a stupid and rude way?


I can stand people who I don't really close to, telling lies to me. But I have problem with people whom I so chummy with, keeping things from me. That hurts! If I'm supposed to be so important to you, then treat me nicely, boley?


I just realized that lately, I tend to procrastinate a lot, especially when it comes to office work. It’s such a hard habit to break free from. But I am aware of my procrastination, so I just got a pop-up reminder on my laptop. Now and I am writing and completing my to-do list. I started to record everything I need to do so that important things get done on time and nothing has a chance to sneak up on me kecuali bergossip di Subhani. Kan dah, tetiba je aku terasa nak minum teh ais.


I have 2 issues each of Reader's Digest, Cleo and one Cosmopolitan to be read, but somehow I couldn't find a space to fit this into my already jammed schedules! My current routines are pack with office work! Gaji kalau seploh ribu takpe. Manjang je urgent. I haven't decide yet what to do with this but sure enough, I need to take a careful rearrangement of current commitments and responsibilities so as to move aside things that are less important and make room for reading..:). Caranya : benti keje, jual nasik lemak.


I used to regret a lot. But come to think of it, we only get this one chance at life, and there’s no point wasting it regretting things. Looking back, I have made some stupid choices and decisions, but if I think further about them, if I had done things differently, then I wouldn’t be where I am today, living the life I have. So perhaps I wouldn’t do things the same again, but who is to say the alternative would have been any better? But who can predict if one day I may regret something? So, don't think too much about what is about to happen and what has happened. Just lead the life with S.M.I.L.E with a teeth showing *wink*


Reading has always been a fun way to learn new words or see them used in new ways. And that explains why I love reading. I read dictionary and thesaurus too. Aku ni tak study oversea cam kau..vocab gila best. One of the way to gain respect from people is to fancy up our vocab. And that’s what I’m doing but the tricky part is to actually remember all the new words I come across. Dah la aku ni benak sikit. Lupa saje.


When it comes to listening to music, I get this desire to sing along no matter who is around. But, I think I’m one of those individuals that have been curse with a horrible voice. Ok, hubby aku suruh aku senyap and tido. Bye.