Do you have a pleasant personality?

I somehow bumped into a 'monkey' yang sungguh la 'ado' a few weeks ago. Aku rasa dia ni ada split personality cum mental disorder. Jenis tak boleh tgk org senang sikit, tak boleh tgk hidup kita lagi bahagia dari dia. Kecik-kecik takmo mampos, dah tua kedarah menyusahkan org! Aku rasa dia punya alter-ego ni is Jin Aprit la.

Okey, cut the craps, so, guys, something to brighten up your day! I know you've been longing for this.

The first thing that you do is add the month, date, and year that you were born.
**(example 11/23/57 = 11+23+1957 = 1991)

You take the sum and add these numbers (1+9+9+1=20)

If the total of your number is 22 or more, you would add those numbers as well to come up with a number that is 21 or below. For example, if your sum was 22, you would add 2+2 = 4.

Once you know your card's number, please refer to the below description.

p/s : dun ask where did I get this, buat je la sudahhh.

# 2 High Priestess:
You may make most of your choices intuitively and change them. You may be a good listener. Other people may talk freely to you about themselves and their worries. In your non judgmental acceptance, they see their ideas and feelings mirrored back to them.

# 3 The Empress:
You may be fertile with creative ideas and yet may lack in the discipline necessary to give them form or the aggression necessary to market them. Your power comes from love and you rule through understanding the needs of others. You may have a desire to take care of others.

# 4 The Emperor:
You may enjoy controlling your situations, and it may be difficult for you to work for others. You may have a need to be in charge or with positions of authority. Most Emperors eventually find that they are self-employed. You may demand that there is structure and order in your environment.

# 5 The Hierophant:
You have the ability to translate information so that others can better understand it. You have the ability to communicate. You can be a good listener, seeing that there is more than what is presented. You may enjoy giving advice and helping people solve their problems. People will come to you for help because they respect your expertise and knowledge and know that you are willing to help them.

# 6 The Lovers:
You learn most about yourself through the people with whom you have relationships. Unrestricted and honest communications are vital. You may also be consumed with whatever it is that your involved with, be it a relationship or an activity.

# 7 The Chariot:
You may take your job and personal life very seriously. You like being in the driver's seat exerting control over situations. With your mind firmly fixed on your goals, you can move quickly and surely toward them. Unexpected events and emotional scenes are disrupting. You may wear a shield too protect yourself or to keep others from knowing your true feelings.

#8 Strength:
You can be calm and collected in emergencies, for you possess an instinctive understanding that showing fear is dangerous. Instead, you use firmness and gentleness to handle the situation, first calming the panic, then examining the needs. You may be an overtly emotional person. You have a need to understand your emotions, not suppress them. This takes courage for people will try to pressure you into conforming. You may have to struggle between your own inner needs and the demands of work and society.

#9 The Hermit.
You may need to be alone, to have time to your self. You may feel that you must work through your own problems and can only make decisions for yourself and yet you are available to assist others. You may some feeling of isolation, but also an inner strength that comes from facing the unknown alone. You may serve as some kind of a teacher or role model for others. People may confide in you because they know that you will not betray their trust. You know how and when to keep secrets. You teach best by living what you believe in, but you may expect others to meet your standards. You may be a bit of a perfectionist, and difficult to live with.

#10 The Wheel of Fortune:
You learn through change. You may gamble and take risks for the challenges they present you. You may present flexibility and the ability to grasp opportunities when they happen. You may be easy going and forgiving. You ride the low points knowing that such extremes are temporary. The Wheel of Fortune represents change, movement, and expansion of ideas. It is a card of luck, both good and bad. As the wheel turns, new opportunities appear and old projects reach a new turn.

#11 Justice:
You need to be true to yourself, learn your mistakes by evaluating people, situations, and beliefs that you trust. You weigh the pros and cons and try to may try to make everything equal and/or fair. You may need to learn to use both logic and intuition to balance you judgements.

#12 The Hanged Man:
You may devote yourself so completely to your work, art, or cause that you become oblivious to yourself. You give without thought of receiving. Others may feel you have lost your mind, but you see something that escapes others and with this vision, you can accomplish wonders.

#13 Death:
You may become totally involved in your experiences, but may not always be aware of the consequences. You bring passion and depth to whatever you do and do not take things lightly. You may easily let go of old ways of thinking in order to transform or renew. One tends to learn more by facing their mortality.

#14 Temperance:
You may be a humanist, filled with compassion for the feelings and failings of others because you recognize them first in yourself. You may look for ways to aid the growth of others. You may use teaching as a mode of healing. You may need to learn to balance your passions so that they do not become obsessive.

#15 The Devil:
This card represents raw, untamed power and creativity. You may prefer a structured setting that can contain your fears and keep them separate from your sense of "self". You may either take your self too seriously or you see yourself laughing at your all-too-human qualities.

#16 The Tower:
It is within you to be an individual, your shadowy aspects are pride, arrogance, and a belief that you are beyond the rules that govern others. Your life may have major ups and downs, but with each disaster, you should continue with determination and build again, sometimes in a completely new direction.

#17 The Star:
This means that you are innovative. You are way ahead of your time, an inventor and visionary. You like to experiment and are willing to try anything once. You are able to see possibilities far in the future and yet don't always know how to relate to your immediate circumstances. You may appear cool and distant, but inside you burns a light of inspiration.

#18 The Moon:
The moon represents intuition and delving deep into the unconscious. Like the moon, your own intuition has moments when it is peaked. You may find your self in the right place at the right time. There may be other times when your intuition has deceived you. It is up to you to learn your cycles. You may be interested by the unseen and the unknown, the strange, and even the macabre. Your life may tend to run in cycles like the moon.

#19 The Sun:
You radiate your belief that others can accomplish their dreams and you are an inspiration to them. Your trust brings out their best. With a Sun personality, you are basically optimistic and cheerful and always looking for the light side of things.

#20 The Judgement card:
You can be a valued friend and loyal partner, and yet, keep a strong sense of your own independence and self-worth. I show your soul card to be that of the High Priestess. You may make most of your choices intuitively and change them. You may be a good listener. Other people may talk freely to you about themselves and their worries. In your non judgmental acceptance, they see their ideas and feelings mirrored back to them.

#21 The World (ini suku sakat MAWI):
You may need to learn to work within structure and learning your limitations. You may need to establish personal discipline if you wish to accomplish something.

Takyah susah2 la nak tolong kira part aku lak. Buat korang sakit ati je....HAHAHHAHAHAH dan HAHAHAHAHAHH lagi.

p/s : I longed for peace and quite.