Support our frens in Burma

Assalammualaikum & Salam Sejahtera,

I'm Izzat Adha, founder of Yayasan Jiwaa.

Everyday, we were bombarded with news from Burma about our Rohingyan friends who were burned and killed and live miserably there. They don't have any nationality, and nobody seems to help them to justify their human right.

In conjunction of Yayasan Jiwaa National and World tour, we created a peace mission to deliver help and support to our friends in Burma. Here are the details of our upcoming programs;

1. Yayasan Jiwaa National Tour.
This tour is created as the peak our activity where our board of directors will travel from Perlis to Johore, Sabah and Sarawak to collect donation and hold an event in each state. The event will be joined by selected houses and centres in the state so we can give the donation and have some activities instead of our normal schedule of classes and visit at our specific centres and homes in Kedah, Perlis, Perak, Penang and Shah Alam. This tour will be held from 1-18 September 2012 starting from Perlis as the first state. You can join us if you're free. Official schedule will be released soon. Please update us if you're interested to volunteer to help on the day of the event in your state or you're interested to follow our journey.

2. Yayasan Jiwaa International Tour.
If in Malaysia, our focus is to help the orphans, old folks, homeless and disabled people, Jiwaa International focuses on giving free Islamic classes to those who are interested and new Muslim friends and create events for Muslim. Jiwaa International currently is available in United States, United Kingdom and Australia. If you can help, or live outside of this area, please tell us for more details and what we can do in your country.

3. The Crescent, online magazine.
Abdulla Quilliam was one of the first Muslim in United Kingdom. During his years, he created 'The Crescent' as a part of his way to teach Islam. He was the first person to translate Al-Quran into English too. As a tribute to him and his work hundreds of years ago, we decided to come up with an online magazine with the same title to share opinion, teaching and news on Islam. We are looking for writers, editors and designers to help us working on this online Magazine. If you happen to be one, or to know one, please tell us. If you are interested to write to share your opinion, our first issue will be published on 1st September 2012. Your deadline is on 27 August 2012, and the first issue's theme is "The new start". You can write as what you want, factual, or life experiences or anything. Poem, short stories and anything else. Further details and submission should be send to magazine.jiwaa@gmail.com.

4. Burma Peace Mission
The highlight of our international activities of this year. We need our volunteers help to help us to collect donation from your area, workplace, school or family and friends. This program team up with many other organizations and NGO. We need help in term of financial, used clothes and canned food. From day to day, we received many inquiries of how people can sent their donation especially clothes so we are looking for volunteers who can help us to collect them for us before we can go to pick them up. This really will help to ease the process because too many donation come from area outside of of our active volunteers. If you are interested to help to be the drop-point volunteers, please email us your agreement so we can share your details with public in your area who want to donate. On canned food, we got 70% off from Mydin thus a part of the money will be used to buy canned food from Mydin. Our focus is also on financial help. It would be great if you can spread the word about this donation or create a fundraising at your area or among your family. This mission is set to be by the end of September. If you're interested to follow. Please drop us an email. Since I'm in USA, I cannot create a proper Jiwaa account (I will be back in Malaysia before National Tour) therefore, I've cleared my Maybank account so it would be a temporary official account of Jiwaa. It would be scary to donate to personal account but I promise you I will never take any cent out of it. Account details: 112241143220 -Maybank (Muhammad Izzat bin Mohd Noor) 

5. Tentang Seorang Aku
'TSA' is a book written to collect donation and 100% of the profit was channeled to Jiwaa's fund. If you have bought one but have not receive yet, we are deeply sorry as we're out of stock and we have re-printed another 500 copies of it. They are now on the way to your door. If you are interested to buy one, please contact book.jiwaa@gmail.com for details.

It would be a great pleasure if you can help us any any way, either to spread this news or to be a part of our programs. I would personally thank you for your kindness and support to Jiwaa by becoming a part of this family. I wish we can meet in future, InsyaAllah. Our event planner is planning on a gathering of volunteers soon. Feel free to add my personal Facebook account (www.facebook.com/izzatahda) if needed.

Be safe & Salam Aidilfitri,
Izzat Adha,
Founder of Jiwaa.
@jiwaa (twitter)