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Jiwaa: Malaysian helping Malaysian 
About Malaysian helping Malaysian

To help Malaysian.

Jiwaa was founded by a group of teenagers to help orphanage houses, old folks house, disabled houses, needy and homeless people by giving free food, education, religion practice, medical support and unconditional love.

General Information 

A. We believe in a better world and we are trying to make it a reality. 

Founded in 2010, Jiwaa is created by a group of student to help an orphanage house in Selangor. Today, Jiwaa is not limited to Selangor but to the entire nation. Based in Perlis, Kedah and Selangor, we keen to help orphanage houses, old folks house, disabled houses, needy and homeless people in some factors.

1) Free food With the help of some caterers and volunteers, we try to provide and deliver food to the houses and the streets for homeless people. Sometimes we cook at the houses too!

2) Free education We believe that education is not limited only to succeed in exam but also to acquire live skills and to cultivate the interest and speciality that everyone has. Therefore at Jiwaa, we try our best to give free tuition and classes, books, educational talk and programmes to educate people not only to ace in exam but to get the best out of them. We teach them how to debate, how to cook and bring them to the zoo too!
3) Community work Apart from giving food and share knowledge, we also do community work to clean, entertain, help and everything you need us to do at the houses. Our aim is to keep everyone happy. Just ask, we don't mind get sweaty and paint the houses if you want :)

4) Religion practice Jiwaa also believes that religion is a very vital part in everyone's life therefore we create programmes to share religion knowledge to the youngter and old folks. From talks to camps, kuliah and tazkirah, we try our best to get great people to deliver them all.

5) Medical support We created a 24 hours helpline to help people in need and to provide medical support. As teenagers, money can sometimes be a problem but we will try our best to help on the medical expenses.

B. Jiwaa created two programmes as our guideline 

1) Permanent program Jiwa has selected orphanage houses, old folks house, disabled houses, needy and homeless people in Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Selangor as our permanent location to help. This means that we have specific schedules and it will continue every week, every month and every year based on the activites and factors listed above.

2) Moving program Although Jiwaa has not selected houses and centre outside Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Selangor, Jiwaa has created a moving program to occasionally visit other states to help. Email us any houses or people that need our help at contact.jiwaa@gmail.com

C. How to help?

1) Be a volunteer! Email us to be a part of this project at volunteer.jiwaa@gmail.com

2) We understand than busy life schedules may stop you from becoming our volunteer but there are many other ways for you to help! You can send us your used books, clothes, equipments or food supplies. Email us at contact.jiwaa@gmail.com for more details.

3) Buy our book! Entitled "Tentang seorang aku", written by our founder and friends, it contains selected poems. This 80 pages book is sold for RM15 and 100% of the profit is given to Jiwaa. To buy, email at book.jiwaa@gmail.com.

Preview of the books can be seen in the photo album. Page: http://www.facebook.com/yayasanjiwaa