You are so obsessed with me!!
You stalk me by reading my webpage. By sms. By phone calls. Soon what???
Wait for me at the gate?
If you have my webpage link, and know that I'm a YM member, obviously you have my email address then. Why not just comment to my blog or email me then??? Telor kecik is it?

I don't know you. But I think I know your frens. Your frens..and oso your bitch. I mean the bitch. Aha?? If you and your frens have problems with me maybe you guys should have come to me then, but maybe you're just chicken shit.
Berani kat blogland...sms..missed call.

Let me spell it out for you, we will never be frens!! Ko pun bukan nak bekawan dengan aku sebenarnya. Ko ada agenda kan? Like I'm so stupid like u la kan.
Don't you DARE ever make fun of me or what I'm doing or what I look like. I just wanna settle this crap with you.

I wish I had the time to be as obsessed and concerned over things like this like you are. I'm sorry that I work 5 days a week and go for shopping on weekends. My time is spent focusing on the present and what I am doing rather than stupids things.
You should really find something to do with all that spare time, maybe get a hobby or a life.