I need a work-life balance. HELP!!

Things are spinning out of control.
I really need to change certain behaviors and learn new skills. What skill la?
Kaedah work smart?
Hell! I'm the only runner in the company now. Sejauh mana aku nak perform that work-smart skill?


Yes, I am happy with my work.
I got up in the morning and glad to be heading out to another day of work.
I feel no burden at all.
I ended up my day invigorated from my day's accomplishments.

But that was before ok???
Sejak boss aku confinement leave ni, aku kena carry gila heavy workloads. Dari kul 9pm tadi aku dok mengadap laptop habiskan keje yang makin aku buat makin banyak pulak datang.

Ni kepala hotak aku cam nak pecah pikir mana nak buat report and mengadap big boss every week, report last week tak submit lagi ni, mana nak kejar appointments, mana nak pikir how to close deal, tu belum lagi kena maki ngan customer pasal product and delivery (ni si EZ punya anak buah yang selalu kasik aku sawan pagi-pagi), nak kena check anak buah buat keje ke tak, mana nak mentekedarah lagi. Belum lagi nak kena cope with difficult people at work. I tell you some people are harmful to your health. Kat opis ni boleh tahan la yang dah buat blood pressure aku naik turun.

Masuk hujung bulan, kalau cam ni gak conditionnnya, mau tetangkup aku kat tengah-tengah jalan. Gi opis pun dah tak semenggah. Gila. Aku benti keje kang.

I feel like I am doing the best I can at work. Yet, it is not enough. There are times my brain feels like "mush" and I have trouble concentrating. I sometimes have difficulty comprehending what people are saying. I guess I am so tired, very tired all the time. There are times when I feel that I don't have the energy to even care. Right now, I am having a really hard time handling my job and the stress. Ade sesaper supply pil kuda? Bak sepapan.

Mengapakah aku jadi begini??
Suatu waktu yang lampau, stress does'nt bother me, no axienty beb.
Ussually mon and tue are the better days at times, come wed I'm a bit down hill. But this time, down the hill SOKMO!
I often think about a job change but I dont think it will help me.

I am so stressed that I am about to break down.