Splashes of color - untuk dak Rozie yang malas nak datang rumah aku tapi sibuk nak tengok

Rumah aku macam skolah tadika, semua jenis kaler ada tertempek kat dinding umah.

So, this is my house, a little place to kick up my feet. Still in the process of improvement. I have lot of plans to do to a satisfying house to live in. Hang on!

It has been a year since we moved in last August. We even got ouselves nailed by contractors. Next time if you were to hire some contractor for a renovation, please, please and please find a competent and reliable contractor. The type of contractor that I happened to bumped into was some apek tongkang yang perangai macam bagus!! This cibai apek contractor have some kind of character where they will solicit from door to door. Very determined one. And they will just happen to have materials left over from their previous job ..............and only accepts cash payment.

Alhamdullilah, at last, we managed to finish the renovation parts although it took us 2 miserable months to make it look like a real house. You should look the day we moved in, macam bangsal kapal korek, okeh?