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Are your love is for real?

I was browsing the internet when this poem caught my eyes...

If you can't keep your eyes off of her, then it is not love, it is LUST.
If you are so eager to show her off to your friends, then it is not love, it is LUCK.
If you need her around because you know she's there,then it is not love, it is LONELINESS.
If you with her because she kissed you, then its is not love, it is LOW CONFIDENCE.
If you stay because you don't want to hurt her, then it is not love, it is PITY.
If you belong to her because the sight of her makes your heart skip a beat and your adrenalin pumped to the highest, then it is not love, it is INFACTUATION.
If you pardon her faults because you care about her, then it is not love, it is FRIENDSHIP.
If you tell her every day she is the only one you think of (HAHAHA), then it is not love, it is a LIE.
If you willing to give up all of your favorite things for her, (apa la bodo nya kau)then it is not love, it is CHARITY.

Does your heart ache and breaks when she's sad?
Do you cry for her pain, even when she's strong?
Do her eyes see your true heart, and touch your soul so deeply it hurts?
Do you accept her faults because it's a part of who she is?
Are you attracted to others, but stay with her faithfully without regret?
Would you give her your heart, your life, your death?
Then it is LOVE.

Aku memang pernah ada bad relationship history. And I don't feel like explaining how bad it was. Belum lagi. But I have to say this, that once, I fall for this psycho-moron asshole.

To me, if there is no joy in love, it is not true love. If you cry all the time and if you also make the person you love cry, ini bukan chenta, ini namanya chelaka!
Love itu adelah memberi kebahagian okkkk. To bring joy to a beloved person. To be able to give joy, you must practice looking toward the person you love deeply. Because if you do not understand this person, you cannot love properly. You must practice deep looking in order to gain a good understanding of this person, in order to be able to help him or her to change. And if you are able to look at the persons' good and bad qualities day in and day out and still want to be with them (jahat pun suka gak), then it is true love..:)

Sorry, aku sudah kehabisan talian hayat untuk bercinta lagi, tolong jangan goda aku..ohhh apesal la kau Diana???

posted by Diana Ishak @ 12:12 AM  
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