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M.E. and H.I.M..apakah keajaibannya?

Ok, I don't really believe in the practice of studying the movements and positions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars and tahapa-hapa lagi ntah in the belief that they influence human behavior. But, since I don't see any trouble playing with it, ape la salahnya kan nak 'cuba-try', pulak tu time2 tengah takde mende nak buat ni. I was browsing the internet, trying to source some info related to my work when I bumped into this astrology site. So, they said that :

a. Libra calms and smooths Leo's flamboyant style.
Hoi! Am I a person yang meng'intended'kan diri to be noticed?? Purleaaseeeee...I am already noticeable la ayun, hoh!

b. As a combination, Leo and Libra are well-balanced
Which is true la kan. Wan and me have been married for almost 6 years, and I must say that we do not share the same interest, and this lead to arguments, not to say everyday la, but everytime...HAHAH. But at the end, we see eye to eye with each other about everything...:)

c. Libra is charming and cultural, and has good manners which offset Leo's direct and acerbic personality
Am I?? Can't you find some nicer word to show your admiration towards me? Eleh..well, I am just being direct in a CLEVER but cruel way..ade pahaaaam! I know I got plenty of 'admirers'. Alaa...Libra mmg cenggini, dengki ngan Leo. The ugliness of Libra are always counterbalanced by the exellence, fineness, and superioity of Leo..boley? HAHAHAH....lebih dah aku ni...serious offense!!

d. Leo is far more decisive than Libra. Leo can help Libra to make decisions more easily and act on them, and they can teach the art of spontaneity.
Benar sekali dong! We (Leos) are able to make decisions quickly and confidently. We are naturally-born to take charge of everything, dalam layman term nya - gelojoh, tamak lagi pelahap (aku rasa laa..). The ideas are always there, but somehow selalu tersasar. Apa kena ntah.

e. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Libra is ruled by the Planet Venus. The Sun and Venus go well together.
Apa kejadahnya planet-planet semer ni. Benci aahhhh..

f. Leo and Libra resilient and can fortify one another for a long time
TRUE! Camne gaduh gila2 pun, we won't be unhappy for long. We will immediately springs back into shape. Apa citer gaduh2 ni..aiseyyy

g. Both extravagant and love a beautiful things
Sebab tu la the checkbook may not always balance. I am stressing the word 'MAY' here, okeeey?? Apa-apa pun saper tak suka benda cantek kan. I admit, we both are barmy about beautiful things.

h. In the bedroom, Leo is the master—and that's what Leo likes
Oh! Apekah ini benar??? Tak perasan la pulak adinda. Ape kata kita test sekali lagi malam ni?

i. Wardrobes will be bursting with all kinds of clothes
Ye benar lagi sahih...dengan baju RM15 selai mcm Tshirt 'Pangkor', 'I love Kuching', 'Sipadan Island' (walaupun tak penah sampai, janji baju ade, kasik belagak sikit)

Whatever it says about baik buruk Leo and Libra la, Wan and me tug at each other's heartstrings and play a merry melody everyday. Music will gush out at all hours of our day and night and we pray that the music will last forever.

posted by Diana Ishak @ 11:16 AM  
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